Sands stand at the Faversham Volunteers Fair

This event being arranged by Faversham Town Council will be held in the Alexander Centre, Preston Street, Faversham, as part of Volunteers Week.

Stall at the Armed Forces event in Folkestone

Arranged by Folkestone Town Council, we will be taking our Smiley Face Tombola to this event on The Leas in Folkestone.

East Kent Sands information stand at the CCSU Conference in Canterbury

Canterbury Christchurch Students Union conference, Canterbury (all day)

Sands/RCM/Bliss conference in Birmingham (Midwives and Chris?)

The annual professionals' conference, great opportunity to keep up with developments.

Networking at the SKC Conference in Folkestone (Chris)

Conference – Connecting Culture and Communities

Tuesday 5 November, Leascliff Hall, Folkestone, 9:30 – 15:00

East Kent Maternity Voices meeting, Canterbury (Chris)

We will again be helping to shape maternity and related services at this important meeting.