East Kent Sands Team Meeting

Meeting of the East Kent 'committee' at Goldings Court.  7.30 to 9.30

Headcorn Mayday Fair

Our first Smiley Face Tombola of the year!

Launch of New Website

At long last we have our own web site.  It has taken a long time but it finally is here.  It is still a 'work in progress' and over the coming months we will add to the content and add more information.  If you know of a link, please let us know, and please feel free to put a link on your site to our one.  Thanks to Tony Bentham for his help and patience with this ambitious project!

Support Organisations


Here are links to a number of other organisations that may be able to support you.

Sands National Office

Tunbridge Wells Sands

Twinkling Stars (WHH bereavement suite)  

Cruse bereavement Care