Remembering your Baby

Every baby death is very personal and different people have their own ways of remembering their precious baby.   The following organisations provide a range of items and services which may be of interest to you.  These are listed alphabetically.  Apart from our national Sands shop, we are not in a position to make recommendations on these items or services.  Over time we hope to add additional contacts.

The National Sands shop has a range of merchandise 

  • 'Angel of Mine'  'Personalised gifts including key rings etc for the angels in our lives'.
  • 'Abigail's Footsteps' is based in Medway.  What started out as a grieving couple’s desire to help others has now become a powerful, influential and actionable charity that is making a demonstrable difference to people’s lives.
  • 'Alexandra's Angel Gifts' specialise in creating and sharing idea's of memorial gifts for anyone effected by the loss of a precious baby. They sell a range of memorial items including memory boxes, figurines, jewellery, grave ornaments, albums and personalised items.
  • 'Ashes Into Glass' are based near Billericay in Essex. They are able to make beautiful glass pendants, rings and paperweights incorporating loved ones ashes. It is possible to visit and watch the whole process.
  • 'Carlisa Crafts' specialises in handmade and personalised unique cards, grave cards and gifts for families effected by the loss of a baby, child or loved one. Each of the items is specially designed for each individual's needs, allowing freedom for unusual names and anything personal that would make a chosen item unique to you.
  • 'Cherished Gowns' is based in Dover and provides families of babies that are stillborn, miscarried or pass away shortly after birth with clothing for the baby. All of the items we provide are made by volunteers from donated wedding dresses.
  • 'Face to Face Photo Engraving' are able to engrave photos onto a wide range of jewellery and accessories including cufflinks, keyrings, and ashes containers.
  • 'Remember My Babyis a UK based registered charity who have professional photographers volunteering their photography services for the benefit of UK parents losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth.
  • 'Sew and Soaps' offer a wide selection of different fabric items which can be personalised with embroidery. These include teddy bears, cushions and framed keepsakes. This is not a website designed especially for bereaved parents, but they can make items to individual requirements.  
  • Wendy Kemp Jewellery'  Wendy was inspired to support Sands after friends lost their baby boy.