Support for Scout Volunteers

With some 620,000 members in the UK we realised that Scouting would have a significant number of people who had been affected by the death of a baby, either directly or indirectly.  Three of our Sands volunteers, who are also Scout volunteers decided to create some quidance for thoe adult leaders on how to support other adults and young people following the death of a baby.

We took the opportunty to have a stand at this important annual event for around 3,000 adult Scout volunteers and to create a special handout with some advice on supporting both adults and young people.  The handout was very popular and we handed out over 900 copies. 

We also talked to so many people and heard some really moving personal stories around baby loss, and how Leaders had offered support. 

Thanks to our wonderful Sands/Scout volunteers who gave up another day!

Publication Date: 
Sunday, September 8, 2019